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6 New York-style Pizza Slices in Chicago

Even though we all know Chicago pizza (any style) rules the school, New York slices do have a particular charm.

What’s happening: We compiled where to find the best versions of these floppy, greasy triangles.

Paulie Gee’s

Locations in Logan Square and Wicker Park

Justin’s pick: I’m going with Paulie Gee’s in Wicker Park, because the neighborhood has always been my go-to spot to get a slice. Anyone remember Santullo’s on North Avenue?

  • Paulie Gee’s offers all sorts of slices for around $5, and they have cans of pop.

Dante’s Pizzeria

Locations in West Town and Logan Square

Photo of a piece of pizza
Dante’s. Photo: Carrie Shepherd/Axios

Carrie’s pick: Dante’s is how I define New York style  hot, cheap and easy.

  • Slices ($6) are huge, and each day they feature a special slice in addition to the standard pepperoni, sausage and cheese.
  • My nephew once said it was the best pizza he ever had, which I think has more to do with kids thinking pie-shaped slices taste better than the square cut. Why is that?

Zaza’s Pizzeria

3037 N. Clark St. — Lakeview

Photo of a slice of pizza
Gold Medal slice from Zaza’s Pizzeria.  Photo: Monica Eng/Axios

Monica’s pick: My dear Brooklyn-born pal, Ina. P, recently raved to me about the pies at Zaza’s Pizzeria on Clark, where they ferment the dough three days before baking. Whoa!

  • The process creates a spectacularly delicious, crisp and chewy dough under nicely balanced sauce and top-notch toppings.
  • Pies start at $23, and slices (sold before 4pm) go for $3.50 -$6.


1001 Davis St., Evanston

Photo of a poster that says gigios pizza
Photo: Bill Hogan/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Gigio’s has been serving Evanston and the North Shore since 1968. The pizzeria now doubles as a Mexican restaurant, but it’s the oldest pizza place in the area and continues to thrive.

Cost: Slices hover around $4, depending on toppings.

  • Axios reader Mark C. says “While ownership has changed over the years, the quality of the pizza has stayed consistent. Whenever I am in the neighborhood, I will find a way to sneak in a slice.”

Jimmy’s Pizza Cafe

2434 W. Montrose Ave. — Ravenswood

Axios Chicago readers came out in droves to suggest this New York-style pizza joint, now located near Montrose and Western.

Our readers swear by the dough and the sauce. Slices cost $5 and up.

  • Jerry L. says “As a native New Jerseyan, I am always on the lookout for a good slice as opposed to a piece or a square.”

Damenzo’s Pizza

2324 W. Taylor St. — Near West Side

The Taylor Street pizzeria has been slinging pies since 1985, and customers come from all over the Midwest for their humongous slices.

Yes, but: We’re not sure they would call themselves a New York pizza place, even though the slices are definitely a hit.

Plus: They’re cheap. A slice goes for under $4.

  • Lisa B. says “Gigantic, delicious slices that come in a giant triangular slice box. Big enough to share!”

Honorable mentions: Mario G. says Professor Pizza and Pizza Matta, John C. recommends Meek’s Vegan Kitchen, and Jonathan C. says get your slices from Whole Foods.

Source : AXIOS Chicago