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Cook County Naturalists Embrace Queer Ecology

People learn new way of looking at nature on Queerness of Nature Walk

Cook County naturalists are embarking on a unique exploration of nature, delving into the world of queer ecology alongside geese, owls, and other wildlife. This innovative approach challenges traditional views of nature and seeks to expand the understanding of the diverse ways in which ecosystems function.

In a recent gathering of approximately 20 community members, Cook County naturalists set out on a sunny September afternoon to explore the concept of queer ecology, emphasizing that nature doesn’t always conform to binary expressions.

Queer ecology represents a novel way of interpreting the natural world, acknowledging that the boundaries and roles assigned to species and ecosystems can be more fluid and complex than previously thought. It promotes inclusivity and diversity within ecological systems, highlighting the interconnectedness of all living beings.

Lanie Rambo, a naturalist from the Forest Preserve in Cook County, Illinois, explained queer ecology as an innovative perspective on nature. It recognizes that labels like gay or straight and male or female may not always accurately represent the complexities of the natural world. Rambo also noted that people frequently anthropomorphize nature, attributing human traits to it.

“This is a bad idea, because nature is much more fluid. It’s much more flexible, and there’s a lot more going on than just these binary categories,” Rambo said.

She added that at least 1,500 animal species participate in same sex behavior. Evidence for this has been found in everything from insects to mammals.

While some may find the idea of queer ecology unconventional, it provides a fresh perspective on environmental conservation and the preservation of biodiversity. By embracing the inherent diversity of nature, these naturalists hope to contribute to more holistic and sustainable approaches to environmental stewardship.

Cook County’s exploration of queer ecology is part of a broader movement within the environmental community to promote inclusivity and challenge traditional norms. It encourages individuals to see the natural world through a more inclusive lens, recognizing that nature’s beauty lies in its diversity and complexity.

As these naturalists continue their journey into queer ecology, they aim to foster a deeper connection between people and the environment. By acknowledging the unique identities and roles of every species, they hope to inspire a greater sense of responsibility and appreciation for the natural world.

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