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Defence Launches New DISP Portal

Defence has launched a new portal to streamline membership applications for the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP).

Defence has outlined that the new portal will streamline application processing, allowing applications to complete and lodge memberships and documentation online.

Chief Security Officer for Defence Peter West explained that Defence will continue to improve and update the portal to better support defence industry.

“The DISP Members Portal simplifies the process for applying for DISP membership and provides improved security for member information,” West explained.

“Defence industry security is critical to protecting and advancing Australia’s Defence capability, and Defence will continue to evolve the DISP Members Portal to provide better support and protective security services to DISP members.”

DISP membership enables companies to establish and maintain security standards required for Defence work, and provide assurances that companies have the systems in place to ameliorate security risks, Defence explained.

The new portal comes weeks after Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence Richard Marles and South Australian Premier Peter Malinauskas detailed plans to boost Australia’s defence industry workforce with the South Australian Defence Industry Workforce and Skills Report and Action Plan.

The plan was announced on 10 November to deliver a detailed strategy to grow and sustain South Australia’s defence industry workforce for the future. It’s hoped to ensure the necessary support for the delivery of some of the nation’s most complex defence projects, including Australia’s conventionally armed, nuclear-powered submarines and continuous naval shipbuilding.

The report details 22 initiatives to further address workforce challenges and grow the South Australian defence industry workforce from 3,500 direct jobs to more than 8,500 in the 2040s.

“This report presents a comprehensive and methodical plan to grow, build, and sustain the South Australian defence industry workforce, which is critical to delivery of SSN-AUKUS, continuous naval shipbuilding, and our other defence projects,” according to Minister for Defence Richard Marles.

“Some initiatives will leverage and expand on existing programs, building on substantial work already underway across government, defence industry, and education and VET sectors. Other initiatives are new to help address identified skills gaps.

“Collaborative and enduring partnerships between the Commonwealth and South Australian governments, defence industry, unions, and education and training providers will underpin this critical workforce expansion and capability uplift over time.’’

The plan sets out solutions-focused initiatives to engage an estimated 27,000 students and 1,500 teachers in at least 180 South Australian schools to support STEM education pathways for students.

Implementation of the package of initiatives will commence from 2024.

South Australian Premier Malinauskas said both the South Australian government and Commonwealth look forward to continuing their close engagement with sector leaders and industry and union partners on this significant undertaking.

“South Australia will play a leading role in building Australia’s industrial base by building the most complex machines in the world,” he said.

“Our critical national defence projects, including nuclear-powered submarines, will be delivered with the strength of a highly educated, highly trained workforce with the cutting-edge skills and capabilities of the future.

“The challenge to grow and sustain a highly skilled defence industry workforce cannot be understated, but neither can the opportunity.

“The South Australian Defence Industry Workforce and Skills Taskforce has enabled our South Australian and Commonwealth governments to work together towards a common goal – an agile and highly skilled local workforce equipped to execute Defence’s most complex national security projects.

“It is my hope the integrated workforce and skills plan for South Australia can be used as a best practice model for workforce expansion across the defence industry nationally.”

Source : Defence Connect