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Emu Still on the Run in Illinois

A missing emu in Central Illinois is still on the run.

Illinois State Police tried to catch the animal on I-74 in Urbana on Tues day, but it got away.

Experts said that it is going to be hard to catch the emu if they do not have the right resources. The bird can run as fast as 30 miles per hour, and it is in wide open space right now.

The emu is believed to have been on the lam since September. Experts said that it is not surprising it has survived this long, but residents should not approach if they see it.

“Any kind of clue they give them is really good in helping recapture the animal. I wouldn’t try to restrain it myself, because they do have that powerful kick and they are big over a hundred pounds birds, and they do pack a punch,” said Scovill Zoo Director Ken Frye. “Until you had help, I wouldn’t try to get it by yourself.”

State Police were able to run the bird off of the roadway, but they lost sight of the animal. They said that vets at the University of Illinois are now trying to find the emu.

Source : State Line