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Fayette County Farmer Wins Illinois Winter Wheat Yield Contest

The winner of the Illinois Wheat Association’s 2023 winter wheat yield contest says a dry June helped the crop.

Danny Rubin farms in Fayette and Marion counties and tells Brownfield it starts with a good seed bed and fertility plan, but the weather can be a wild card. 

“Being a nice fall for wheat, we got good stands and the winter was good on it. And then the dry May and June was good for it also. So, it all equated to a good wheat growing year.”

Rubin tells Brownfield he submitted a whole field average for his contest entry and came out on top with 144.49 bushels per acre.

“My previous record was 130 bushel in 2021. That was a whole field also, but I sure didn’t think we’d beat it already. I thought it would be harder to beat.”

He says with improved genetics, if the weather cooperates, higher yields are possible in the future.

Triple P Farms in Effingham County took second place with a yield of 142.84 and third place went to Kurt Sudholt of Clinton County with 141.88 bushels per acre.

The top three entries represented the variety of tillage practices seen in the contest this year with the winning field considered minimal till, second place conventional and third place no-till.  

Source : Brownfiled