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Illinois 10-year-old Found Dead in Mother’s Garbage Can

Police in the Quad Cities said a 10-year-old boy had been dead in a garbage can for the last seven months, and his mother is now charged in the death.

Police found Zion Staples’ body last Wednesday at a home in Rock Island, Illinois.

An autopsy showed his death is considered suspicious, but police have not released any other details.

Zion’s mother, Sushi Staples, is charged with obstructing justice, failure to report the death of a child under 13, and concealment of death.

A neighbor said she wants to know how it took months to find Zion and what tipped off the police.

“I had a dead raccoon in my backyard, and we put it in a garbage can, I mean, in a garbage bag and then put it in a garbage can. And I couldn’t even stand the smell waiting for garbage day,” the neighbor said. “So I can’t imagine, that with the wind directions, that nobody would smell that.”

The mother appeared in court last Friday. A judge set her bail at $500,000.

Her next hearing is set for Aug. 15.

Source : kcrg.com