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Illinois Bill Aims to Stop Book Bans

A new bill in Illinois called the “Right to Read” would stop libraries from banning books.

The bill would prohibit the State from giving grants to libraries that challenge books.

Illinois Secretary of State Alex Giannoulias serves as the state’ librarian, and he is promising to protect free speech and access to books by drafting this first-in-the-nation legislation.

“This has nothing to do with banning books. This is about a certain group of individuals who fundamentally disagree with a certain viewpoint of a book, and they’re universally trying to ban books. I can’t talk enough about how dangerous this is for the future of our democracy, for our kids and grandkids,” Giannoulias said. “I’ve got three little girls, and obviously not every single book is for every single one of my kids, but for others to deny the ability for people to read it, and get it and gain a new perspective, inherently flies in the face of our freedom of thought.”

He made the case that parents and kids should be able to choose what they would like to read, arguing that banning books takes away that right.

Source : My State Line