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Illinois State Police Announces New Online Crash Reporting System

The Illinois State Police is launching a Civilian Crash Reporting System. This will let people create a crash report online without having to wait for a trooper to respond roadside. 

ISP said the CCRS also allows frees up troopers to respond to higher priority calls for service.  

“For simple crashes where only one car is involved and no one is injured, the ability to file a report online instead of along the road will make it safer for drivers and our Troopers and eliminate the need to wait for a Trooper to make the report,” said ISP Director Brendan F. Kelly.

People can complete their own crash report online when the crash meets specific criteria.  The crash must be a single vehicle, property-damage-only crash where there were no injuries to anyone involved, and it occurred on either an Interstate or a U.S. or Illinois Route. 

Drivers involved in a multiple vehicle crash or when there are injuries will not be able to complete a report online. 

The public can create a report by going to the ISP website and clicking on Crash Reports under Quick Links, Complete A Crash Report Online.            

Individuals may also access the CCRS by scanning a QR code from their mobile device.

Once the report is successfully submitted, the driver will be given a unique “Receipt Number” and given the opportunity to print their completed crash report, which they can provide to their insurance company if needed. 

Individuals will still be required to pay $5.00 to obtain the final approved crash report, which can be done online at https://isp.illinois.gov/CrashReports/EPay

To view a tutorial on how to use the CCRS, visit https://youtu.be/2ZnhYoZhleU.

Source : WAND