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U.S.-Australia 2+2 agree on joint missile production

[Jakarta = Daisuke Kawakami , Washington = Taishi Tajima] The Foreign and Defense Ministerial Meeting (2+2) between the United States and Australia was held in Brisbane, eastern Australia on the 29th. matched. They agreed to jointly produce missiles in Australia, making clear their stance to check China, which is advancing its military buildup.

In the joint statement, Japan, the United States and Australia will promote a training implementation plan for the state-of-the-art stealth fighter “F-35” in Australia and include strengthening cooperation in missile defense. Bearing in mind the plan to deploy nuclear submarines to Australia through the U.S.-U.K.-Australia security cooperation framework “AUKUS,” the U.S. Navy’s nuclear submarines will extend their port visits to Australia from this year, and the Australian military bases in northern Australia will continue. It was also confirmed that the renovation of

 US Secretary of Defense Austin emphasized at a joint press conference after the meeting on the 29th, “We will strengthen deterrence by enhancing interoperability and maintenance and replenishment capabilities.” Australian Defense Minister Richard Mars said he hopes to start co-manufacturing a guided multiple rocket system with the United States within two years. talked. Australia is strengthening its long-range striking capabilities.

 Allied countries, the United States and Australia, agreed to strengthen interoperability of bases and joint training, and at the 2+2 meeting held in the United States in December last year, they agreed to encourage Japan to strengthen its involvement. In order to strengthen deterrence against China, which is stepping up its provocative movements in the Taiwan Strait and the South and East China Seas, trilateral cooperation is essential. ). While China is rapidly increasing its naval power, US military bases in the Pacific are limited to places such as Hawaii and Guam, and the US-China military balance in the Western Pacific is tilting in China’s favor.

 At the meeting, it was also confirmed that the two countries would cooperate to support the Pacific island nations, where China is increasing its influence, in such areas as infrastructure development and countermeasures against illegal fishing. In the joint statement, they confirmed their policy to enhance interoperability with the militaries of island nations through various exercises. Island nations such as Fiji and Papua New Guinea are participating for the first time in the joint exercise ” Talisman Sabre ” between the Australian and US forces currently being carried out in Australia .

 The joint statement expressed “opposition” to actions that destabilize the South China Sea and unilateral changes to the status quo in the Taiwan Strait. He also clearly stated the importance of cooperating with China on climate change and food issues.

Source : news.yahoo.co.jp