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Century-old Church Damaged in Friday Night Tornado Outbreak

At least six tornados touched down in the Chicago area on Friday night, one of which tore through a Minooka neighborhood and damaged the roof of a more than 100 year old church.

A group of teenagers and church leaders were inside Apostolic Church International Minooka at the time for a youth night.

“We were hanging out, doing karaoke gospel songs, dancing, having a good time, and then suddenly there was a loud boom noise,” said Pastor Nicholas Ankamah.

“It was divine intervention because there’s a projector screen on the window. That held glass from flying over these young people,” he said.

“I was absolutely terrified,” said Marian Adjapong, who was inside at the time along with her three sisters.

After the initial disturbance, the group made their way to the basement to seek shelter. Incredibly, no one was injured.

“I was scared because I didn’t know what was happening,” said Roselyn Adjapong.

“When it first happened, I thought the pastor was playing a joke on us. I heard the glass shatter,” said Lisa Adjapong.

“In that moment I didn’t even know what to do. I’m U.S. Air Force Reserve,” said church leader, Leslie Clottey. “I’ve shot guns before. I’ve never been shot before, but that was scary even to me.”

The church was built in 1917, according to Ankamah, and remodeled in 1973. His congregation just moved in seven months ago after purchasing the building from United Methodist.

“On Saturday morning, many people came around telling us about who was baptized here, who married here,” said Ankamah. “It’s a treasure, and it puts a responsibility on us to really preserve it for our purposes and then for what it is to the town of Minooka.”

Ankamah says they do have insurance and are waiting on quotes from an adjustor. They hope to know how much repairs will cost and how long it will take by the end of the week. Until they, they’ll hold temporary services.

Source : 5 Chicago