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Michigan Tech Grads Celebrate Commencement

On Saturday, thousands attended for Michigan Tech’s (MTU) commencement for the 2023 graduate and undergraduate students.

MTU Senate President and Graduation Faculty Marshall Michael Mullins said this graduation was broken into two days.

“Friday afternoon, we had graduation ceremonies for the graduate students where we had over 300 students receive their diplomas,” said Mullins. “Today it’s going to be just the undergraduates graduating and we are all very happy for all of them.”

Michigan Tech separated the grad and undergrad ceremonies to make them more comfortable for students and parents. Mullins also expressed that students are now ready for their next step in life.

“Michigan Tech graduates are well prepared for the real world, and they are ready to go out and conquer the world in many ways,” said Mullins. “They become corporate presidents, they become solid citizens, they contribute to society in many ways, and they are just fantastic for the state of Michigan.”

This year’s commencement student speaker Anderson Piercey said being selected to speak in front of everyone was a nerve-wracking but exhilarating feeling.

“I mean I’ve been here for five years, and a lot of these people are my good friends,” said Piercey. “They have been my residents being an RA and I’m just so happy to be able to speak for them.”

Piercey graduated with his undergrad degree in management, and he will soon be moving to Lansing as he has accepted a position with Auto Earners Insurance Company. This follows the Senate President’s final message to students.

“Go out there, do great things, and conquer the world,” he said.

Source: Upper Michigans Source